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Jim only started serious hill walking in 1978 and it took until 2010 to completed the Munros, his last one arguably the most remote of them all, A’Mhaighdean in the Fisherfield Forest.

 Never a mountaineer by choice nevertheless Jim learned how to handle himself and his equipment climbing in Scotland. He is a past President and currently Treasurer of the Upperward Mountaineering Club which draws members mainly from South Lanarkshire.

He has contributed to ‘The Journey’, an anthology of short stories and has published many journals over the years and these record his 5 trips to the Himalayas, the ascent of the highest mountains in the French and Italian Alps and a full traverse of the Julian Alps and the highest mountain in North Africa both in summer and winter. His latest expedition was to climb the highest mountain in Iceland, but like other adventures it didn’t go according to plan exactly.

 Predominantly the stories are not about the technical aspects of climbing but more about the journey as a whole and while often humorous there are serious incidents recorded as well. One of his heroes is Andrew Greig and he took his book ‘Kingdoms of Experience’ with him when he climbed to the North Col of Everest.

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